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Organic Grains: Organically Grown Chick Peas, Linseed, Millet and Beans: About Us
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Hi My Name is Kym and This is My Story...

In 1984, I found my loving partner, Neil, to share life adventures with and also found my Life Purpose. Twelve years ago an Ah ha moment occurred with our farming life where we realised the way we were farming had no passion or holistic methods. With this newfound realization, at the beginning of 1996 we changed our philosophy.

We sold our farm, purchased "Riverview" and moved into Organic Farming certified with the BFA now Australian Organic. Riverview is located in the rich naturally fertile soils in the Western Darling Downs Region, Queensland. Our Home Grown Wholesome crops are grown without the use of synthetic Herbicides, Pesticides, Fungicide or Fumigants & GMO'S. We embrace and are passionate about promoting the process of Biological farming to provide nutritious foods. We are grateful for what Mother Nature has provided, we rehabilitated our soils, set our goals for what we wanted to achieve and accomplished a unique blend of Organic Wholesome Gluten Free / Gliadin Free Grains for the purpose of providing people a healthy nutritious option to maintain their health.

"Our Home Grown Wholesome crops are grown without the use of synthetic Herbicides, Pesticides, Fungicide or Fumigants & GMO'S."

Did You Know Gliadin is one of two proteins that constitutes about 80% of Wheat Protein and Gluten Free applies to not eating foods bearing the seed storage proteins from the Triticeae Tribe of grasses or grains. Gluten forms when glutenin molecules cross-link to form a smaller network attached to Gliadin, which gives viscosity or a glueyness and extensibility or the ability to be stretched to any dough mixture. This glueyness and stretchable nature allows dough to rise and retain its shape during baking.

From CBS News, "In the 1950s, scientists began cross-breeding wheat to make hardier, shorter and better-growing plants. Norman Borlaug, the U.S. plant scientist behind many of the innovations, won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work. But the gluten in wheat may have somehow become even more troublesome for many people, Murray said. That also may have contributed to what is now called "gluten sensitivity. (1)"

There's growing evidence suggesting that Gluten / Gliadin sensitivity may be at the root of many diseases like cancers, autoimmune diseases, neurological diseases, chronic pain syndromes, learning disorders, infertility, miscarriage, premature births, chronic liver disease psychiatric, brain disorders and premature death. When a person is placed on a strict gluten-free diet, reversal of these conditions frequently occurs. (2) And children aren't safe as Gluten / Gliadin may cause attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other brain disorders in children. (3)

Gluten / Gliadin is primarily responsible for the toxic, allergic reaction to Gluten / Gliadin containing grains experienced by millions of people today. Knowing this information and Aligning with Our Life Purpose of wanting to make a difference we started Kym's Home Grown Organics.

Placing Strong Focus On Growing Our Unique Blends Of ORGANIC Wholesome Gluten Free / Gliadin Free Grains.


Our philosophy is to maintain that Home Grown Wholesome quality by using Certified Organic Gluten Free / Gliadin Free Grains grown on our farm. We believe only in Certified Organic & Healthy Foods to work in harmony with your body to promote balance & wellbeing. This keeps the combined passion for quality & Home Grown Wholesome Goodness all handled & packaged with love & great care.

Kym's Home Grown Organics Holistic approach is not just what you eat that makes you healthy, it's about the environment, joy , happiness & energy from within that cultivates your own Wellbeing. We are also passionate about minimising the impact on our precious planet so we can pass this passion and knowledge onto our customers, who will then pass it on to their children. With Integrity, Passion, Honesty, Dedication and having Complete Commitment is the absolute core of our Business.

Our message is - Certified Organic Nutritious, Delicious & Fresh.

Many Blessings, Kym



(2) Book - Dangerous Grains: Why Gluten Cereal Grains May Be Hazardous To Your Health. James Braly , Ron Hoggan -



Here are our 5 Step Organic Farming Methods . . .

Organic Farming Method #1 = PROPAGATING SEED
Seed Farming or Propagation has been used for thousands of years. Much of the grassroots seed-saving movement today is the work of home gardeners. However, there are a number of Organic Farmers who are also driving this movement. Therefore seed saving is a fundamental part of our farming practices here on our Farm. It's a great way to develop seed-lines that are well adapted to our local growing conditions in our environment. Saving seed from the healthiest plants year after year enables us as growers to select for traits that are most suitable for their growing conditions. We only collect seeds from the healthiest-looking plants.

Organic Farming Method # 2 = MICROBES
While farmers are classed as miners of the soil, here on our farm we brew Microbes & trace elements together to put biology & nutrients and most importantly to rebuild the humus & organic matter in the soil .

Soil is the loose surface material consisting of inorganic particles and organic matter that covers most of the land surface. Soil provides the structural support and the source of water and nutrients for plants used on our Farm.

The soil contains numerous organisms ranging from microscopic bacteria & fungi to large soil animals such as earthworms. The soil micro-organisms include bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, algae, protozoa and nematodes. Introducing brewed Microbes balances the crops ability to source adequate nutrients during the growing season to provide the best nutritional outcome for our produce that we harvest.

Microbes are drilled into the seed bed with the seed to create the optimum biological environment for the seedlings to advance into a strong, nutritious, mature crops. This ensures an improved taste experience for our customers.

Organic Farming Method # 3 = FOLIAR SPRAYS
During the growing period foliar sprays of Trace Elements & Micro nutrients to boost the plants immune system and safe guard against environmental stress eg. (Frost, Heat stress).

This helps to ensure the protection of the nutritional integrity of the crop.

Organic Farming Method # 4 = HANDLING PRODUCTS
We are self sufficient in all aspects of growing our crops, from primary tillage through planting to harvesting, bulk storage , Cleaning & Packing of our produce. Minimizing any inadvertent contamination with quality control procedures designed for our business.

Greater detail to attention is our goal.

Organic Farming Method # 5 = PACKAGING
Trust, honesty and integrity. These are the three principles our business is built on.

Our packaging is a great example of this commitment: our brown paper bags with a window let you see the high quality of every one of our products. By producing the very best in whole grain foods, we're able to fulfill our commitment to help look after more and more people through better nutrition.

Our products are hand packed.